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I hired NW Pest after speaking with two other exterminator companies. NW was the only one that would come.out for a free estimate. I wanted to make sure there was a plan and that the plan was catered to my specific mouse situation. I had been concerned with exterminating inhumanely. The gentleman that came seemed knowledgeable and wasn’t pushy at all. We discussed a plan and his price happened to be less than the others. Price wasn’t the driving factor as much as approach was but I felt comfortable with the approach and loved the price. 6 month guarantee was also longer than the other two companies. This was a no brainer decision. There were no totally humane options but I had tried a couple humane traps myself and my mice were too smart and avoided them. It breaks my heart to kill innocent animals but I’d been dealing with the mice for years in my basement. Once they started hanging out in my kitchen I decided this was something I had to do…” Dominique W.

I hired NW Pest to address an infestation of bed bugs in my 5 unit apartment building in Quincy Mass. Thanks to a tenant that moved in from overseas and brought boxes loaded with the lovely insects.Gwen from NW discussed over the phone what the plan of attack was going to be to inspect and possibly spray all 5 units.The tech came out and met with me @ the site and he reviewed w/me the plan and that he was using an organic product that was released from a fogging machine to fight the infestation.I had to inform the tenants to go somewhere for about 6-8 hrs but that wasn’t a problem. I never thought the NW Tech would tip furniture ,open up couch covers,go thru the bed frames,matresses,empty luggage bags,etc…. But he did and thank-god he did because the insects were found everywhere throughout the units on that floor or below that unit. I’ve know this company for approximately 3 years and would never even think of calling another pest management company. This company has many dedicated employees starting from the staff in the office to the knowledgeable service technicians right thru to the management. They all love what they do and do it well and the evidence is there. The tenants are happy and so is the landlord. Keep up the with the goodwork! I know I wouldn’t want to do what NW does on a daily basis!” Mark G.

The exterminator came the day we called for an emergency wasp nest removal. They got rid of the nest quickly and thoroughly. He even looked around the yard and house to see if there was anything else. Great company!” Angie's List Member

Called on Saturday. Told they could stop by sometime on Monday. The gentleman showed up, examined the issue, gave me a fair estimate, treated the yellow jackets, answered my questions, and went on his way while wishing me well. Very easy to deal with and resolved the issue less that a few days after being contacted. I would definitely use them again.” Angie's List Member

I bought a Havahart trap to catch some rabbits that were living in my yard. I put it out in the yard with some carrots as bait. To my shock, the trap worked great but it caught a skunk! If you are courageous, you can probably find a way to move the skunk and release it. I am not that courageous. NW came to the rescue within a few hours of my calling them and removed the trap. What a relief! Their prompt service was greatly appreciated.” Angie's List Member

Quick service, quick responsiveness and effective treatment. I would use them again in the future.” Angie's List Member

Matt arrived promptly within the time frame I was told by the company. He was courteous and professional from the very beginning and really took the time to answer my many questions. He was extremely knowledgeable about the pests in question and about the available chemical treatment options – a real plus since the health and safety of the pets in our building is always a concern. At the end of his assessment, Matt gave me the choice of leaving me with a free quote or of completing the job then and there; I never felt any sales pressure and was thrilled that a “free estimate” was actually a free estimate! I opted for same day treatment and Matt completed the work promptly and provided me with a detailed receipt of the work he had done. I would highly recommend Matt and would definitely use NW Pest Control again!” Angie's List Member

NW Pest control was very responsive and came quickly to view the situation. They were successful in removing the squirrel without harming the animal. They were totally professional and very responsive.” Angie's List Member

Problem with bugs from trip—investigated,told us what they were going to do and what to expect—3 sprays—owner himself came 2nd time–co. was very professional and punctual–a few weeks after they finished we needed a 4thspray which was covered in warranty—this took about 3 monthsbefore 4th spray and fog[which we knew from the start] . so far so good [5/4/14] we would highly recommend !they did everything to make sure it was taken care of and done right.” Angie's List Member

We bought a big Deal for mouse control. We were pleased with the effectiveness of NW’s treatment, and have signed on for continuing protection from all little creatures.” Angie's List Member

The website looks GREAT and I think this will be able to alleviate most of the problems we were having.  Now if I can get the staff at the residences to comply with preparation when needed we will be golden. I truly appreciate all the work both you and John put in to keep us satisfied.  Great customer service goes a long way.  It was great finally being able to meet you.” Alyssa S.