NW Pest Control is the best Allston mice exterminator in the Greater Boston area. Our team has experience eliminating Allston rodents from both commercial and residential properties. At this time of year making sure your Allston home or business is free of any mice or rats is particularly important if you don’t want to spend the winter sharing your space with the obnoxious pests. If you think you have an Allston mice infestation don’t hesitate to call NW Pest Control for a free on-site pest inspection.

allston mice exterminator

House mice can live in a variety of conditions that are found regularly around American homes and businesses. They consume food intended for both humans and pets. Because of this, any food left out in the open can serve as an invitation to come into your home. The warmth of the indoors is also a draw due to the frigid winter temperatures in Boston that a mouse would almost certainly not survive in. Once inside mice will contaminate any surfaces used for preparing food with their feces and could damage the structure of your property with their constant gnawing.

House mice are normally between 5.5 and 7.5 inches long including the tail. Mice have very acute senses of smell and taste so they are great at finding any source of food. Mice are excellent climbers who are able to scale any vertical surface easily. They can squeeze through incredibly small openings so making sure your property is sealed shut from the outside is an important step in making sure your property is mouse free.

If you have checked the exterior of the structure on your property and made sure any openings are closed up but are still experiencing an Allston mouse problem the best step to take is to call NW Pest Control. Our expert pest control technicians understand common behavior and habits of mice in the area. We’ll be able to identify where the mouse infestation is originating from as well as any key problem areas that are contributing to the issue. Call NW Pest Control for the very best Allston mice exterminator service today.