Silverfish do not harm humans but are certainly annoying to us. Silverfish will feed off of paper, cardboard, books, and even clothing. The rise in humidity in the summer months makes for a possible infestation of silverfish. Silverfish will live in bathrooms, basements, attics, and virtually any place with high amounts of humidity. Keep reading below for tips on how to get rid of Silverfish.


Silverfish in Sink

Silverfish in a Sink

Reduce Moisture

Silverfish are attracted to moist areas, like the bathroom. To help reduce the population of Silverfish install a dehumidifier in various rooms of the home you are seeing Silverfish.


Seal Home and Repair Leaky Faucets

Sealing the home and repairing leaky faucets is a great start in eliminating Silverfish. Leaky faucets can create a wet environment that Silverfish and other pests like ants, roaches, and rodents thrive in. Silverfish will enter the home from the outside. Making sure all entry points are sealed up is a great way to prevent a Silverfish infestation


Eliminate Silverfish Food Supply

Silverfish feed on paper, cardboard, and other similar materials. Getting rid of clutter, including old bills, clothing, and newspaper can help get rid of Silverfish. In addition, switching out cardboard boxes for plastic containers can help eliminate Silverfish.


Killing Silverfish

To kill Silverfish you can simply squash them. Spraying insecticide along the foundation will help eliminate the colony.


Silverfish Pest Control

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