autumn pest control boston

Making sure that your property is pest-free before autumn begins is one of the best steps you can take to prepare for the upcoming cold months. As the weather begins to get colder pests begin to seek shelter indoors. Preventing all types of pests from getting indoors and reproducing is the most effective way to stop a major infestation in the Greater Boston area. The following are the most common pests to look out for on your property. Utilizing a professional autumn pest control service before the weather gets too cold is a great idea.


Boston is well-known for the large number of rats and mice that inhabit the area. Boston rodents of all sizes will get inside buildings in search of food. Rats and mice are able to squeeze through incredibly small holes so homeowners must make sure there are no openings on the outside of their building. Keeping clutter to a minimum indoors is also a good way to prevent rodents from building nests.

House Spiders

Spiders are also known to find ways inside for shelter. Once inside a spider can build a web in a tucked away corner. While most spiders found in New England are not poisonous, a spider bite can still be quite painful. Make sure you do a thorough inspection of your home for spiders to ensure that they don’t reproduce.

Bed Bugs

Boston bed bug infestations are an increasingly common occurrence and all the tenant movement during September has only made the problem worse. Bed bugs are able to be transported in furniture and luggage and can become a big problem fast. Finding bed bugs can be incredibly difficult and is often only done after individuals notice bite marks on themselves after getting up from bed.

The best way to make sure that your property is safe from pests is to call a professional autumn pest control service. NW Pest Control offers the high-quality autumn pest control and removal services in the Greater Boston area. NW Pest has been serving New England for over 30 years and understands pest behaviors common to the area.