boston bed bug treatment

Bed bug infestations have become a real problem in the Greater Boston area. Bed bugs can get into your home in a variety of ways, in clothing, luggage or furniture are the most common, and wreak havoc once they get there. Bed bugs are nocturnal and attracted to carbon monoxide given off our bodies. They will pierce the skin of their unsuspecting sleeping victim and suck their blood. Bed bugs that are able to feed every night will be able to produce a large number of eggs and make your Boston bed bug problem even worse.

The first step to take if you think you are experiencing a bed bug infestation in your home or apartment is to confirm that you are dealing with bed bugs. Bed bugs are incredibly small (about the size of an apple seed) and nocturnal so they are usually not seen by the residents of the property they’re invading. Looking in small cracks and crevices is one way to find them as well as searching for any excrement. Even with these tips you may not be able to find any evidence and the best step to take would be to contact a professional. At NW Pest Control our expert pest technicians have years of experience exterminating bed bugs in Boston and can help you locate the problem.

Once the Boston bed bug problem has been identified it is necessary to contact a professional Boston pest control service to completely eliminate the issue. NW Pest Control recommends treatment in more than just the room where people are getting bitten to make sure no bed bugs are left after the Boston bed bug treatment. Bed bugs can move quickly through the walls and floors. NW Pest Control offers a number of different Boston bed bug treatment options so we can choose one that’s right for your living situation.

To get an inspection or Boston bed bug treatment call NW Pest Control today. We understand how stressful living with bed bugs can be and strive to offer the very best Boston bed bug treatment. Our technicians have years of experience dealing with bed bugs on all types of property. We know what it takes to eliminate a bed bug infestation. Our job won’t be complete until your property is entirely bed bug free.