Of all the pests that New Englanders come into contact with during the summer, hornets could be the most feared. The sight of a hornet nest will cause quite the commotion amongst children fearful of being stung. Anyone who’s been stung before knows that finding a hornet nest on one’s property is not a matter to be taken lightly.

The European hornet, a yellow and brown insect that is about 1.5 inches long. is the only true specie of hornet that can be found in the US. There is, however, the baldfaced hornet, a 1 inch long black and white insect, which isn’t actually a hornet but is widely considered to be a part of the hornet family.

boston hornet removalBoth types of hornets make their nests above ground in secluded areas. The nests are circular in shape and constructed of a paper like material created by a combination of the hornets saliva and gathered wood. Common places to find a hornets’ nest are in trees, porches, attics and chimneys. Hornets are well-known for their painful sting and if you become aware of a hornet’s nest on your property it is best to keep as far away from it as possible.

Calling a professional pest control service is the best option when faced with a possible hornet infestation at your home. At NW Pest we will be able to come visit your property to identify if you are experiencing a problem with real hornets or baldfaced hornets which are actually wasps. We can then develop an in-depth Boston hornet removal plan that will keep every member of your family safe while the pests are exterminated. We will make sure to go over each step of the plan before we begin so there are no surprises.

After the Boston hornet removal is complete, one of our trained technicians will do a complete sweep through of the identified problem area to make sure there are no hornets remaining. Once this step is complete you and your family will be able to enjoy spending time outdoors without the fear of a painful hornet sting. Contact NW Pest today to get started with our Boston hornet removal plan.