Cambridge Massachusetts is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Older cities like Boston and Cambridge are known for the frequent occurrence of rodent problems. Because the infrastructure of the city is so old, rats and mice are able to find forgotten about tunnels and hiding places where they won’t be disturbed. Cambridge is particularly inviting due to the abundance of restaurants and other businesses producing waste and unaware residents who allow the rodents into their homes. The City Council pledged to put more effort into controlling the Cambridge Rat problem but over the past year the need for Cambridge rodent removal has only gotten bigger. I hear has some useful tips to deal with these pests.

Cambridge Rat Removal

Now rats have spread throughout all the neighborhoods in Cambridge. Some of the movement can be attributed to construction work that forces scurrying rodents to find new sources of food and shelter. The biggest culprit for the rat problem, however, is that not enough is being done to control the pests. For too long the rat problem has been viewed as something to be dealt with by property-owners. This has caused the pest problem to grow and allowed rats to become more comfortable in Cambridge. They have gotten very daring in their attempts to find food and can now be found almost everywhere.

The best way to keep rats from invading your Cambridge property is to make sure there is no food waste openly available to them. Make sure that all of your lids on your trash cans are tightly closed at all times and the bags inside tied shut. It is also important to ensure there are no small openings leading into your home that rodents can use for entry. Rats can squeeze through a hole about 3/4” in diameter so checking the outside of your home for any places of concern is critical.

If you find a rodent infestation that has already moved onto your property the best way to address it is to call a professional pest control service. At NW Pest Control we offer the highest-quality Boston area pest control. One of our expert pest control technicians can come visit your property for an initial inspection. At this meeting we can get a feel for the scope of your rodent problem and determine the steps that need to be taken to remove it. An in-depth Cambridge rodent removal plan will be created and all steps approved by you before we begin our pest removal process. After the treatment is complete we will do a final inspection of your property to make sure the rodents are completely eliminated. Call NW Pest Control to get the best Cambridge rat removal service today.