Carpenter Ants 101

Carpenter ants can have colonies that can contain thousands of ants. Carpenter ants usually nest outside of homes, but worker ants will come to the house looking for a source of food. Knowing the signs of carpenter ants can help prevent a major infestation.


What Does a Carpenter Ant Look Like?

Carpenter ants are one of the largest ants on the planet. They have 3 distinct body sections. Below is an attached image of a carpenter ant.

Close Up Of A Carpenter Ant

Carpenter Ant


Nesting Habits

Carpenter ants do not eat wood, instead, they dig through the wood and make a nesting spot for their colonies. Usually, carpenter ants will infest weak wood, but they do have the potential to infest healthy and strong wood as well. When a colony gets too large, winged males and queens will fly out of the colony and reproduce to make new nesting grounds or satellite colonies. You will see these swarms of winged ants mostly in the springtime. Learn more about winged carpenter ants here.


Carpenter Ants On Damaged Wood

Carpenter Ants On Damaged Wood


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