In recent weeks, many homeowners are starting to hear scratching, scurrying, and weird noises coming from their attics? Those noises are probably coming from squirrels. Squirrels have litters of babies twice a year, and need a nice, sheltered place to nest. However, these little creatures making themselves at home in your home can pose a danger to your property and family.

Squirrels can cause several issues within your home to cause damage. Here are some ways squirrels can pose a threat to your home and health. 

Wiring: There are lots of essential wires in your attic that squirrels will love to chew. Squirrels are rodents, and like any other rodent, their front teeth are constantly growing, and they are looking for objects to gnaw on to grind them down. Squirrels chewing on wires could even cause a fire in your home.

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Exterior: Squirrels will find a way to enter your home. And in order to do so, this means that they will probably do some damage to the exterior of your home to find their way inside. They will gnaw on your siding, or chew holes around the outside of your attic. Once they are in, the more holes they will chew. With the outside of your home damaged, you are also vulnerable to damage from water leaks.

Insulation: Insulation in your attic is crucial in the temperature regulation of your home. It helps block heat from entering during the warmer months and keeps heat in during the colder months. This saves you money on energy bills. If squirrels get in your attic, they will ruin the insulation by urinating and defecating on it and then it will need to be replaced.

Odors: Squirrels living in your attic will leave an awful smell that will spread throughout your house.  Your house will smell like squirrel excrement, and that will leave stains on your attic floor which can seep through to your ceilings. This can be very expensive to clean. Squirrels can also get trapped or fall into your walls. If this happens, they won’t be able to survive and this will also cause an awful smell in your home.

Health: Squirrels that are decomposing or rotting in your walls can cause several health issues to your family. Squirrel droppings can cause salmonella, and decomposing animals can spread disease and encourage an infestation of other rodent type pests.

Squirrels commonly enter your attic through:

· Gutters
· Construction openings
· Vents
· Roof edges
· Plumbing area
· Chimneys

If you believe you may have a squirrel infestation, contact NW Pest Control to help.  We will assess the situation and provide a recommended treatment plan for your home.