Many homeowners regularly see ants in their home. There are a number of different species of ants and most are in your home looking for food in the kitchen. Some types, however, are capable of causing severe damage to the wood and structure of your home. Carpenter ants are one species of ant that dig through the wood of your home in order to create their nests. Carpenter ants are a larger type of ant with some of growing to about an inch long.

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While carpenter ant colony found in a Boston home grows the ants will have to remove more and more wood to add more space to the nest. As the colony gets bigger your home will be subject to damage that will only get more serious the longer the problem is left unresolved. The damage that carpenter ants create is similar to damage caused by termites except that carpenter ants don’t eat the wood. Because of this, carpenter ants will leave tiny pieces of wood debris that can be found close to the colony. Seeing carpenter ant swarmers with wings is another sign that a well established colony is present on your property and reason for a Boston carpenter ant inspection.

A carpenter ant colony that has not been detected can cause extensive damage to your home. If left for long enough, carpenter ant damage can get so severe that it will be unsafe to continue living in your home. Colonies are rarely able to grow to the size it would take to damage the structure of a building that badly but it is important to keep a look out for signs of the pests. If you are able to catch carpenter ants on your property early enough the damage can be recoverable.

If you see signs of a carpenter ant colony on your Greater Boston area property the best step to take is to contact a Boston professional pest control service. NW Pest Control has been providing high-quality Boston carpenter ant inspection and removal services for over 40 years. Our expert pest control technicians understand common behaviors of a carpenter ant colony and will be able to identify the magnitude of the problem quickly during our Boston carpenter ant inspection. Once the colony has been located NW Pest Control can begin the carpenter ant removal process and get your property carpenter ant free fast.