Bed Bug Control Dracut, MA

Bed Bug Treatment Dracut MA

If you find a bed bug in your home in Dracut MA, you are most likely researching ways to get treatment for them. NW Pest Control specializes in bed bug control in Dracut with commercial and residential treatments since 1975. Our company provides quick and discreet bed bug removal services by our team of licensed professionals.  NW Pest Control will come to your home in Dracut and provide a thorough bed bug inspection as well as inform the customer of the various bed bug treatments available to them.

Dracut Bed Bug Treatments – Bed Bug Heat Treatment VS Chemical Spray Treatment 

At NW Pest Control we offer 2 types of bed bug control services: heat treatment & chemical treatment. Bed bug heat treatments in Dracut, MA are the fastest and most effective solution in today’s market for bed bug extermination. To perform a heat treatment, NW Pest Control will use our state-of-the-art equipment to bring the temperature of the home to roughly 135 degrees for multiple hours a day. Adult bed bugs will die at 122 degrees Fahrenheit. This long-lasting heat can ensure that bed bugs inside mattresses, walls, furniture, and more can reach their killing temperature and solve your bed bug problem in one day!

Bed bug chemical sprays are a more cost-effective solution to bed bug control. This solution involves 3 sprays approximately 3 weeks apart. NW Pest Control will treat all cracks and crevices where bed bugs can hide to eliminate the problem.


What Do Bed Bugs look like? – Dracut, MA

Bed Bugs have been around for centuries. Being able to identify them is the first step towards bed bug control in Dracut. An adult bed bug is about 1/4 of an inch long. They are brown or reddish brown depending on if they were recently fed. Smaller bed bugs also called nymphs are smaller in size and are generally whitish-yellow. Bed bugs can molt. Due to this nature, you may see bed bug skins. If you see these skins you could have a bed bug infestation.

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