NW Pest Control has been offering expert ant removal services in the Boston area for over 40 years. There are a number of different species of ants that can find their way onto your property. House ants are the most common type of ant found indoors and fairly easy to remove. Other species, like carpenter ants, can damage the structure of your home and prove to be a much more difficult to handle.

As it starts to get colder outside in Boston it is more and more common to find ants inside. They are attracted to the food and warmth that can be found indoors and are able to gain access through very small holes or cracks. If left to their own devices a few ants can become a big problem fast. It is essential that ants are removed before they are able to build a nest. NW Pest Control can help identify the type of ant that you are dealing with so you can be sure the right steps are taken for a quick extermination.

After we have identified the type of pest you have on your property we can begin the Boston expert ant removal process. NW Pest Control utilizes a variety of methods to remove ants so we can be sure the pests are completely removed. After the ant extermination process is complete we will do a final check of your property to ensure the ants have been completely removed.