As the season starts to turn a popular question that we are asked by Boston area homeowners is what they can do to get rid of all the bees. Homeowners often report that an overwhelming number of bees have started flying all around their home. They also regularly tell us that there is little evidence that can be found to explain the problem. The problem can be attributed to the bees schedule. After spending the time during the spring to reproduce bees’ colonies are at their maximum capacity at this time a year. A lot of food is needed to feed the entire colony through the winter so all the bees you see around your Boston area home are out hunting for food.

boston bee removal

When these growing colonies get too close to a human populated area is when trouble arises. Going outside to enjoy the fall weather can quickly turn into a number of painful bee stings. If you are stung by a bee outside your home NW Pest Control recommends that you avoid that area until you know the bee problem is cleared up. Being on the lookout for where the bees nest is can also be incredibly helpful in addressing the issue. It is also especially important to keep children away from any areas of your home where you are concerned with a bee infestation.

Bees nests are a safety hazard and will prevent you from enjoying time outdoors at your Boston area home. If you do see a bees nest close to or even in your home it is best not to try to remove it yourself. This is a precarious task that can be dangerous if not done correctly. The only way to fully get rid of the bees is to remove the hive entirely and is something best left to a professional. The hive itself is fragile and an entire colony of bees will come flying out to protect it if they sense danger so proper precautions must be taken. Bee stings can cause very serious allergic reactions in some individuals so proper safety precautions are necessary when removing a bee hive.

NW Pest Control has been removing bee hives for Greater Boston area homeowners for over 40 years. We know how delicate of a situation Boston bee removal is and promise to keep you and your family safe during the bee extermination. Our expert pest control technicians have a deep understanding of the different types of bees and wasps that are commonly found in the Greater Boston area and will be able to identify specifically what you are dealing with. After the initial identification and pest inspection of your property we will be able to begin the bee extermination process. After completing the Boston bee hive removal we will do one last inspection of your property to ensure there are no bees still on your property. Once the final inspection has been completed you can go back to enjoying time outdoors.