Carpenter Ant Nest Removal and Extermination in Hopkinton, MA

NW Pest Control offers specialization in Carpenter Ant removal and extermination services in Hopkinton MA. We have been at the heart of Hopkinton solving Carpenter Ant infestations and helping customers remove carpenter ants to live pest-free. NW Pest Control offers treatments for Carpenter Ants as well as preventative programs for Hopkinton homeowners. If you believe you may have a Carpenter Ant infestation or would like to receive more information on Carpenter Ant removal, contact us or call 781-891-5313

What do Carpenter Ants Do? 

Carpenter Ants get their name due to their nature of nesting in wood. A Carpenter Ant colony starts with winged male and winged female ants leaving a nest and mating. The queen will then find a spot to nest her eggs in the wood. Once these workers reach the adult stage they will forge wood and enlarge the nest as the colony grows bigger and stronger. As the colony grows larger more winged carpenter ants will be produced and mate to restart the life cycle.

Carpenter Ants have the ability to cause costly damage to a home. If you suspect a nest forming in your home in Hopkinton MA, NW Pest Control can help solve your problem with proper carpenter ant extermination.

A few ways to prevent a carpenter ant infestation include:


  • Removing any wood piles away from the home
  • Prevent any potential wood damage, that may attract carpenter ants to nest, like water leaks
  • Seal any cracks and crevices
  • Trim any trees or shrubs so that they do not touch the side of the home
Carpenter Ant Control

How NW Pest Control Will Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants – Hopkinton, MA

  1. NW Pest Control will visit your Hopkinton MA home and assess the situation. We will look for sawdust piles that Carpenter Ants create when forging and recommend treatment options to exterminate the Carpenter Ants.
  2. We will exterminate the Carpenter Ants with the use of United States EPA approved chemicals or organic solutions.
  3. NW Pest Control offers annual service plans that will protect your home from Carpenter Ants 24/7 for a low annual rate.

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If you have any Carpenter Ant extermination concerns in Hopkinton MA. Call us today at 781-891-5313 for information and a free quote.

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