As we move into the summer months, many homeowners enjoy spending time outdoors while working in the garden. Getting to spend unlimited time outdoors could be one of the many reasons why people decide to take this up as a hobby. From planting and growing your own seeds, to updating your poly furniture for your patio, there is always something to do to make your garden visually appealing and comfortable. Summertime does draw people into their gardens, so having a nice area to sit is vital for many people. Some people may decide to add features to their garden, such as decking areas, to encourage them to spend more time outdoors. After installing a deck, it’s important to maintain it to ensure it will remain strong for longer. This is why many people contact companies that offer deck wash services to make them look more appealing. Once the deck is washed, people should be able to enjoy the sight of their garden for the summer. Having a great looking garden is a great way to pass the time and can be a tremendous source of pride for gardeners of all ages. In addition to decking areas, a number of different plants can be grown in the warm summer months from beautiful sunflowers to cherry tomato plants that produce delicious edibles you can add to a salad. Keeping a garden at its best requires a bit of work that starts with making sure your yard is pest-free. Many hire garden care companies like these provided by Arkansas lawn service that offer many garden renovation and maintenance services to more states than just Arkansas, to help them with anything from weed control to the lime application.

Gardens are susceptible to attacks from almost every type of pest. Pests both big and small will be attracted to the wonderful aromas coming from your plot wreak havoc once they are there. In New England gardeners need to be on the watch for deer, rabbits, mice, and insects trying to invade their gardens. Deer have an excellent sense of smell and won’t be shy about coming over to sample some of your sweet-smelling plants. Rabbits are able to squeeze into tiny little spaces and will eat anything when they’re hungry making them one of the most difficult pests to keep at bay. Insects of all types will love gnawing at your prized plants, some will even be underground so you can’t even see them.

boston pest-free gardenIf you suspect that your garden is being infested with pests the best step is to get in touch with a professional pest control service. There are a number of do it yourself methods listed as potential solutions online but only a professional will know the best actions to take in your unique situation. At NW Pest Control we have years of experience eliminating pests from gardens of all sizes and types. We understand the importance of keeping your plants safe from harm and will do our best to ensure that your garden won’t be adversely affected by any of our treatments.

After our treatment is complete we will go over additional steps that you can take to keep pests from returning. A garden will always be somewhat of a target but there are ways to deter pests from returning once it has been initially rid of a pest problem. At NW Pest we strive to not leave a finished job vulnerable to a follow-up pest problem. Get in touch to get your customized pest treatment plan started today.