During the summer months pests of all types are seen much more frequently. Insects especially like the warmer weather and can be very annoying to anyone trying to enjoy the outdoors. You can protect yourself from most of these pests by following a few simple pest control strategies. Making sure you have bug spray handy as well as brushing your clothes off before reentering your home are the best ways to keep a pest problem from getting out of hand. There are, however, some pests that are more difficult to deter and pose a much more significant threat to the safety of you and your family.

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One of the more dangerous pests that comes out for the summer months are bees and wasps. Yellowjackets, “Killer” Bees, Wasps and Hornets are all stinging insects that have become synonymous with the summer. These insects will create hives to nest in that can be hard to reach without the proper equipment and are very dangerous to approach. Finding out that you have a Wasp or Bee hive present on your property can be enough to cancel a pool party or barbecue you have planned. Bees are particularly dangerous at cooking events because they like sugar so much.

If you do in fact have a bee hive present on your property the best step to take is to have it removed professionally. Getting rid of a hive yourself may seem like a good idea at first but if done the wrong way can anger the bees to an unsafe point. With NW Pest you can get the best pest control service in the Boston area and stay safe while we handle your pest problem. We know that each job we start has a unique set of circumstances that need to be taken account of and will do our best to make sure the hive causing the problem is removed completely.

Our bee removal service starts with a visit to your property where we will verify the hive causing the problem and make sure the infestation doesn’t spread any further. After that we will work with you to develop a plan to fit your needs. We have a number of different bee and wasp extermination methods available and can choose one based on the feedback we get from you. Once we have our plan in place we will go over each step of the process with you and then begin our extermination services.

We believe in keeping the lines of communication with the client open during the entire extermination process. Upon completion of our treatment one of our expert technicians will do one more inspection of your property to ensure the bees are completely gone. Many pest control services will leave without verifying the pest is nowhere to be seen only to have the problem return in a few weeks. At NW Pest we know how important it is to feel safe while spending time outdoors at your home. Because of this, we make sure to check every possible location for signs of the infestation and won’t leave until we’re satisfied with the results.