As the winter sweeps into the New England area, rodents are looking for new homes. As seen in the past, winter marks the season when rodents come inside looking for warmth and a place to nest. Sometimes the most common place for rodents to nest is in our garages, and we never notice. Below are some helpful tips and tricks to keep rodents out of your garage and away from your vehicles.

up close mouse

3 Tips to Keep Rodents Out of the Garage


      1. Seal up all possible entry points 

Sealing up entry points inside the garage best as possible will help eliminate the chance that a mouse will enter the garage.

      2. Reduce clutter

Reducing the amount of clutter and organizing the space in the garage will prevent rodents from wanting to nest inside your garage.

      3. Keep all food items properly sealed

Dog food, cat food, bird seeds, and more should be kept in seal-tight containers to prevent mice and rats from finding a food source inside your garage.


Potential Harm Rodents Can Cause


Rodents can be serious damage to vehicles in a garage. They can nest inside cars and chew car wires and create costly damage. Mice and rats can also be harmful to our health. Rodents spread diseases through their urine, saliva, and even fecal matter. Check out the CDC website for more info on how rodents affect your health.


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