The temperature is dropping in the Boston area and the nights are getting colder and colder.  We all enjoy sitting by a warm fire to keep warm on a cold New England night, but rodents and other unwanted guests will also begin to enjoy the warmth of your home if you don’t take precautions.  Mice will be search of food and warm shelter during these colder months.

To avoid these critters moving into your home this season, check out our easy tips on how to rodent proof your home.

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Keep your home clean

Mice and rats are drawn into homes with the hopes of finding food.  Do a deep cleaning of your home and be sure to clean up any leftover crumbs and scraps that will attract mice.  Be sure to clean up all spills right away and check under cabinets, stoves and refrigerators to ensure you got everything that was dropped.  Leaving just one small piece of food on the floor will invite rodents into your home.

Keep food stored in airtight containers

Keeping foods such as cereals, grains and other products usually kept in bags in airtight containers will help keep mice away.  Invest in some good quality airtight containers that mice can’t get into.  If they can’t smell your food, chances are they won’t enter your cabinets.

Put trash barrels far away from your home

Mice have a great sense of smell.  They can smell your table scraps from last night’s dinner in your trash barrels.  If they get into your trash barrels outside, and they are located next to your house, mice may continue to keep looking for more food and enter your home.  If you keep your rubbish away from your house, they are less likely to take up residence in your home.

Block up your holes before mice find a way inside 

Having any type of holes in your house is an open invitation for mice to enter. Use any means available, such as spackle, caulk or wire wool to seal holes in your home.  Even if you think the hole is too small, fill it.  A mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime, so be diligent with your sealing.

If you think you may already have a rodent infestation, contact NW Pest Control to schedule a free home inspection.  Depending on the severity of the rodent issue, we may even be able to establish a pest control plan and put it into action that same day.