seasonal mice extermination

When the weather begins to get colder in New England residents know that a lot of preparation needs to be done to be ready for the winter. Most people spend the time before winter making sure they have enough warm clothing and the heat is working correctly but there is one step that many don’t get to. Making sure your home is mice free and protected from any future infestations is important as well. Mice are very opportunistic little rodents that would love to get in from the cold outside.

Preventing mice from getting into your household can be a tricky job. The pests are able to slip through holes about the size of a dime and can hide extremely well once they’re in. Mice can get food, water and shelter in your home. As long as these needs are met mice will not hesitate to build nests in your home and reproduce to make the household mice problem worse. The best way to stop a mice infestation from happening is to keep them from getting in in the first place. The following are some tips on how to keep a mice invasion from getting inside:

  • Locate any holes or gaps that are present on the outside of your house. Mice can squeeze through very small openings so any hole should be patched up to prevent their access. It is also important that you look for any openings on your roof, mice aren’t afraid of heights.
  • Remove any garbage or wood piles away from the structure of your home. These areas can be inviting to mice and the further away they are from the actual structure of your home the better.
  • Make sure you don’t leave food out. Mice are always looking for a meal and leaving food uncovered is just inviting them to come inside.
  • Keep doors and windows closed as often as possible. Mice can get in through more obvious entrances to your home as well. Closing windows and doors will ensure they don’t come running in through the front door.

If you have followed the steps above and are still having a problem with mice the best step is to contact a professional pest control service. NW Pest Control has years of experience exterminating mice from homes in the Boston area. We can help you locate the nest as well as any spots where the mice could be entering your home from. After identifying the source of the problem we will work hard to remove the mice infestation as quickly as possible. NW Pest Control offers free in-home estimates to those looking to learn more about our expert Boston pest control services.