Bed bugs are some of the toughest pests that we know about. This is why it’s so important to get a pest control company to treat the issue before it spreads to every room in the house. They’re usually too stubborn to remove by yourself so it’s always best to get professionals in. They are very small (about the size of an apple seed), can enter your home in a number of different ways and stay hiding until their victims are asleep. Because of all these factors, it is possible to have a bed bug infestation inches from where you sleep and not even know about it.

The only way to prove that you have bed bugs in your home is to catch one. There are, however, a number of different signs of bed bugs that you can look out for. If you have observed any of the following signs it may be time to call in a professional Pest Removal service that can more accurately diagnose the problem.

1. You are continually waking up with itchy bite marks that weren’t there when you went to bed.

Bed bugs wait until their victims go to sleep before they feed on your blood. Once you are asleep the bugs will come out and bite any exposed skin that they can find.

2. Black fecal marks are present in the area that the bed bugs are inhabiting.

Bed bug excrement is one of the best ways to find where they are living. The marks will be a dark color and look similar to how a marker would bleed on fabric.

3. Eggs and eggshells can be found on the floor.

Bed bugs are pretty much continually breeding and the eggs and egg shells can get everywhere. The eggs are a pale yellow color and are shed when the bed bug nymphs grow bigger.

These signs of bed bugs are the best ways to get tipped off that you have an infestation in your home. After recognizing one or all of these signs it is best to see if you can find the actual location of the infestation. Bed bugs will hide in a wide variety of places but prefer tight places where they will be hidden from plain sight. Some common places to find bed bugs are in the seams of chairs and couches, in drawers, under loose wallpaper and in the folds of curtains.

If you find any of these signs of bed bugs in your home and need help getting them removed or need help identifying if you have a problem in the first place don’t hesitate to call NW Pest Control. Don’t ignore the presence of these irritating pests.